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    What is the Significance of High Density Plastic in Making Ammo?

    These days ammunition is being made using a number of innovative techniques. Innovations have been applied in ammunition to ensure improved ballistic performance and to lessen damage to the shooter and the shooting environment. Lead has been used as the traditional material of choice for ammunition. However these days a new technology using high density plastic is used to make lead free ammunition. It has been regarded as one of the most significant advancements in the field of ammunition within the last years.

    How Lead Free Ammunition is PrChina_High_density_polyethylene_sheet_Polyethylene_sheet201111271501326oduced?

    Lead free ammunition is most often produced from a composite material of either a polymer-metal blend, or a composite of metals, utilizing either an injection molding or a powder-metallurgy process. This ammo utilizes high density plastic, standard plastics filled with metal powders, which are injection molded into projectiles, also serving to make the bullets more frangible.

    Benefits of Using Lead Free and High Density Polymer Bullets

    These lead free and high density plastic bullets have been approved and used by the US military. Traditional bullets are known to cause environmental pollution due to the toxicity of lead. Lead free ammunition, known as green bullets or environmental friendly bullets, remove all the environmentgal concerns of using lead. These lead free bullets are also frangible, meaning they powderize upon impact. As a result, any ricochet concerns are eliminated, which is a great advantage for shooter.

    Places to Use Lead Free Ammo

    Lead free ammo can be used at various places. You can see that there are number of facilities that are actually permitting the usage of lead free ammo:

    • The use of non-toxic high density polymers in these bullets makes it a reliable source for bird hunting.
    • It is a great choice for shooting ranges. It removes any concerns of airborne lead and completely eliminates ricochet risks. Many competition shooters are moving to frangible ammunition as well for these reasons.


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