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    All You Need to Know About Frangible Bullets

    Frangible bullets are a type of ammunition which disintegrates upon impact with hard surfaces. The use of frangible ammunition has been embraced by many sections of the military and law enforcement agencies.

    In most cases, frangible ammunition is used during training by the military and law enforcement because of its ability to disintegrate after impacting with a hard surface. These frangible bullets are safer for target practice and close range training since they do not have the risk of ricocheting and injuring people in the vicinity.This keeps everyone in the radius of the training environment safe from harm.

    frangible ammunition

    Unfortunately, frangible ammunition is sometimes abused for its characteristics. The wounds inflicted by frangible bullets can vary drastically based on their design. For example, some frangible bullets are able to disintegrate into small pieces shortly after coming in contact with soft tissue. This characteristic makes them very dangerous. If such ammunition is abused, it can lead to collateral damage to human tissue. Similarly, the treatment of gunshot wounds caused by such bullets requires the use of advanced techniques and skilled professionals. Regulatory measures are being implemented to avoid the abuse of these bullets.

    Historically, bullets have been made with lead. However, there are numerous reasons for not using lead in ammunition, but lead poisoning is the most significant. If a lead based frangible bullet finds its way into an animal’s body, and the animal is eaten by a human or another animal, there is a risk of lead poisoning for the consumer.Similarly, use of lead rounds in indoor firing ranges in particular can expose the shooter to airborne lead, leading to respiratory and a list of other potential health complications. Because of the risks associated with lead based ammunition, most frangible bullets in production today are lead free. In fact some militaries hope to completely eliminate the use of lead bullets by the year 2020.


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